Mountsfield Park Improvements Consultation

A big thanks to Groundwork and everyone who turned up for the Mountsfield Park improvements consultation event on Saturday 13th of October. The event was a huge success with approximately 200 people attending to find out more and to get involved. Lots of invitation leaflets were delivered, posters were posted and cup cakes were baked in preparation for the event.

Open the link below to see the results of the consultation:

LB Lewisham & Groundwork Mountsfield Park Consultation Results from May 2012

Virginia Nimarkoh from Groundwork spoke to local people to find out what they want from their local park

Rushey Green and Lewisham Central Ward Councillors support the event and the proposed park improvements

Landscape Architect Jane Everitt explains Groundwork’s initial ideas for improving the park

New Friends of Mountsfield Park get involved

Lots of questionnaires were completed at the event. We will know more in November 2012 how local people think the park should be improved.

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