Death of John Hopkins announced

21/03/2013 FOMP have learnt of the sad news of the death of John Hopkins, project director for the parklands and public realm for the Olympic Delivery Authority.  As a local resident and an expert on designing parks and a range of other landscape schemes he was very influential during the hugely successful redesign of Manor House Gardens and opening hidden water courses such as the Quaggy.

John Hopkins Manor House Gardens Obituary


One comment on “Death of John Hopkins announced

  1. Message added by FOMP from Carolyn Bosworth-Davies of Friends of Manor House Gardens

    I know many people will be greatly saddened to hear of the sudden death of John Hopkins, whilst working in the US.

    John, who lived in Brightfield Road, was one of the orginal members of the User Group back in the early 1990s. His professional experience as a landscape architect, and his working knowledge of the bidding process for Heritage Lottery Funding, enabled us to successfully achieve the transformation of Manor House Gardens, and without it, I doubt we would have been able to achieve what we did.

    I worked over 6 years closely with John on the project, and he gave up a considerable amount of time towards it, and his foresight in so many areas of the process ensured that it was successfully completed. He loved Manor House Gardens, and felt it encapsulated everything he believed in, as far as the importance of Urban Parks to the community and urban societies.
    John was the prime mover in organising the first Party in the Park back in June 1996, when we were trying to convince Lewisham Council that the community were actively involved and interested in wanting a thriving community open space.

    Since Manor House Gardens, John had a successful career – latterly being project sponsor for the parklands and public realm at the Olympic Delivery Authority from 2007to 2011. He was, until his untimely death, visiting professor of landscape architecture at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Greenwich.
    Just before Christmas he published his book (co written) on the making of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park – I attach a copy of the detail about that – which I’m sure many of you will be interested about.
    Carolyn Bosworth-Davies


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