Mountsfield Park Improvements

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3 comments on “Mountsfield Park Improvements

  1. Peter Ranken says:

    It’s great news that there is £400,000 to be spent on the park. I just hope that it is spent on more than just a Cafe and a community garden on the bowling green as this is a wonderful opportunity to provide community hub facilities for all users of the park and for the local community as well. It would be great if the building could house a cafe, sports changing rooms both male and female, a room for community meetings, a room for running such things a creches, playgroups, fitness classes and an office for the park keeper. The changing rooms would allow for a local football team to play home league matches and for the local schools to use the facilities for sports days, outdoor PE and football and cricket. It would also allow us to apply for match funding from the likes of Sport England and the London Marathon Trust for funding to regenerate the playing field and put in an all weather cricket wicket and some cricket nets and make the surface better for football. It would also be great if the community garden could be developed along the lines of the one at Mayow Park which is several types of gardens in one, such as a recycled garden, a potager garden, a herb garden etc. and that polytunnels are put in at the back in the old nursery where there were originally greenhouses and that food could be grown in the garden to provide the cafe. It would be possible to do all this within £400,000 as it has been done elsewhere and it is too good of an opportunity to miss for all of us who have used Mountsfield Park for over 30 years and wished that its potential could be fulfilled. Now we have the opportunity to do so.


    • Those are great suggestions! LB of Lewisham seem keen to get match funding for the £400,000, hopefully they can offer more as you suggest. The lack of available match funding and closure of the existing café seems to have stalled or slowed the whole process again – very frustrating! The LB Lewisham project manager emailed to say that there is currently a lot going on behind the scenes – to do with match funding and a business plan for the café.

      I had a conversation with Martin Hodge just before People’s Day 2011. He said that there was £500,000 put aside for the Mountsfield Park improvements, this was discussed at the next FOMP meeting and recorded in the minutes. The £400,000 was originally part of the £800,000 (approx) allocated by LB of Lewisham for 75% match funding by the Heritage Lottery Fund. Unfortunately we didn’t win the HLF bid. Land Use Consultants developed the scheme for Mountsfield and Horniman Gardens, both at the same time. Horniman Gardens won the £71,500 HLF award.


  2. Have approached LB and asked whether the park café could be community run while the design, consultation and match funding process is on-going and whether this approach would have their support. LB Lewisham have suggested approaching Glendale about this and say that the company responsible for running the café are still in discussion with Glendale.


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