Mountsfield Park Temporary Container Cafe to Reopen

Mountsfield Park was told that the temporary container café is to reopen May 2013.

Glendale and Jimmy Botton have come to an agreement to reopen for business - summer 2013.

LB of Lewisham informed us today – that Glendale and Jimmy Botton have come to an agreement to reopen Mountsfield Park container café for business – summer 2013.  The container café (above) is a stopgap until the long awaited permanent café is built. The container café hasn’t worked as an all year round 7 days a week café because of lack of indoor tables and chairs.

Early Botton family fairground photo

The Botton family are responsible for many of the fairground rides that you will have seen at Lewisham parks including Mountsfield. You can see some of their older examples at:–%20Norfolk%20–%20Great%20Yarmouth,%20Botton’s%20Pleasure%20Beach/mode/exact


11 comments on “Mountsfield Park Temporary Container Cafe to Reopen

  1. Helen says:

    Well, this has not happened. It’s now 28 May & there is no sign of the opening. A great shame.


  2. Helen says:

    May I also add that it hasn’t worked because people who frequent the park just don’t know whether it will be open or not. Even on some warm sunny days last summer, it was not opened to the public. Not a way to run a café.


  3. Marina says:

    The Cafe will be opening this week,
    Sorry for the inconvenience, hope to
    See you all


  4. Helen says:

    Still hasn’t opened today – not even when it wasn’t raining!


    • Marina says:

      Hello Helen,
      There has been a problem with the coffee
      Machine, with an engineer coming out today.
      So hopefully all will be fixed, so we can get
      the cafe open. Look forward to your custom Helen.


      • Marina says:

        The cafe opened yesterday for the first day, it was a lovely day, the park was packed, and business was very slow. You could say that people didn’t realise we were open and didn’t bring any money to the park.
        For this to work, we really do need the support of the local community,
        so please come along and help support us.
        Thank you


  5. Visited the container café at Mountsfield yesterday on a beautiful warm Saturday in June to find it shut. The Glendale park keeper told me that the café had been open for 3 days last week but has been closed since. He also said that they are keen to sell the business on for £20,000. It was not an entirely wasted journey – I saw a large clump of Deadly Nightshade (Atropa belladonna) near the container café pulled it up and the park keeper kindly disposed of it. Apparently the large attractive looking berries of this plant taste sweet – just 2-3 of them if eaten can kill a child.


  6. Helen says:

    When you say “they are keen”, do you mean Glendale or the Botton family?


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