FOMP People’s Day 2013

Friends of Mountsfield Park Stall - Lewisham People's Day 2013

Friends of Mountsfield Park Stall – Lewisham People’s Day 2013

Many thanks to all of you that were at People’s Day 2013 and came over to our stall for a chat.It was  hot, 30C in the shade which was thankfully where we were as the organisers had parked our stall under the canopy of one of our fantastic old oak trees, many of which in Mountsfield Park were once part of the hedgerows that formed boundaries between the fields that now make up the park. We discussed the current progress of the improvements with other Friends of Mountsfield  Park, Lewisham Councillors and the local MP Heidi Alexander. We were advised to prepare a petition to make sure that the Council are aware of how much local people want the park facilities improved and that money invested in a permanent café building and toilets would not be wasted, as local people are committed to supporting and using the improved facilities.

We raised £20 through our plant sale which was enough to cover half the fee for the stall.

With future improvements in mind, we also consulted local people on what the park should have on offer to bring them back more often. We asked visitors to the stall to prioritise each of the following activities (image with text) that they would like to do/ or more of at Mountsfield Park. The images and text can be seen dangling from the canopy in the photo above.

dog walking

Mountsfield 1

Mountsfield temp 4

Mountsfield temp 5

Mountsfield temp 8

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