Friends of Mountsfield Park AGM 2013 Minutes

Friends of Mountsfield Park

AGM: 10 September 2013, 19:00

Cafe of Good Hope, Hither Green


Present: Max Calo, Gladys Hutcheson, Rory McNally (RM), Bobby Mizen, Danny Mizen, Barry Mizen

Stuart Reed, Freya Rodger (FR), James Walsh

Apologies: Clare Griffiths, Anne-Marie, Barbara Veale

Chair: RM

Minutes: FR

1. RM welcomed everyone to the AGM and explained the purpose of the meeting was to elect officers so Friends of Mountsfield Park (FOMP) could become formally constituted. This would facilitate FOMP working with Glendale and fundraise for the park.

2.     Election of officers

2.1  RM invited nominations for the three officer posts: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer. RM said he was willing to continue as Chair. RM said CG had expressed interest in standing as Secretary but was unable to attend the AGM. MC said he was willing to stand as Treasurer. After some discussion RM was elected as Chair, CG was elected as Secretary, MC was elected as Treasurer. Vote: unanimous.

2.2  In the absence of CG, FR agreed to take minutes of the meeting.

3      Constitution and rules

3.1  RM circulated copies of the draft constitution and rules and asked for comments.

3.2  JW proposed three changes to the draft constitution and rules.

3.3  Under 3. POWERS to include an additional power ‘3.9 Shall have wider powers in respect of advocating for the needs of Park users with regard to the environment and infrastructure of the local area.’

3.4  Under 5. OFFICERS to amend 5.1 as follows: ‘The Group shall, at the Annual General Meeting (or otherwise as any vacancy arises) elect from amongst the membership a Chair/Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and two other members as the Executive Group.’

3.5  Under 6. MEETINGS OF THE GROUP to amend 6.4 as follows: ‘The quorum at all Group and sub-group meetings shall be three of the five members of the Executive Group and no decisions can be taken at inquorate meetings.’

3.6  After some discussion, the proposed changes and amendments were agreed. Vote: unanimous.

4      Cafe in Mountsfield Park

4.1  DM updated the meeting on discussions and developments between the Jimmy Mizen Foundation and Glendale.

4.2  DM said Glendale had approached the Foundation and invited them to provide a temporary cafe service using the existing building/containers in Mountsfield Park.

4.3  DM said the Foundation was exploring the possibility of using the trainees to staff and run the cafe and develop the menu.

4.4  BM said the Foundation planned to offer a simple menu and be open for fixed and advertised core hours, initially Wednesday-Friday.

4.5  BM said the cafe’s opening hours would be advertised on Facebook, Twitter, and on signs and banners in around Mountsfield Park.

4.6  DM said the Foundation would refit the kitchen in the existing cafe building in Mountsfield Park and hoped to open in October, with an official launch around Christmas.

4.7  After a supportive and positive discussion, SR asked whether the cafe would have wifi. DM said that was something that could be looked into at a future date.

4.8  DM stressed that the cafe would have to be run as a commercial venture.

4.9  RM thanked DM and BM for the update and said this was a positive step for Mountsfield Park and its users. RM asked DM and BM to keep the Group informed of future developments.


5.1  RM shared designs of the community garden which had been developed by AM of Lewisham Gardens. RM said the designs were due to be shared with Lewisham Council’s ‘GreenScene’, Greenscene are the Council-run department responsible for Lewisham’s green spaces, parks, recreation and wildlife. They will be offering funding and other support for the community garden to replace the disused Mountsfield Park bowls green next to Stainton Road.

5.2  SR expressed concern that the plan looked crowded. RM agreed to relay these concerns to AM.

5.3  JW expressed concern that because the community garden would be accessible there was a risk that plants and vegetables might be harvested by people not involved in the community garden or FOMP. After some discussion, it was agreed this was a risk the Group were willing to take. FR suggested signs could be placed in/around the community garden explaining the purpose of the community garden and encouraging people to support it.

5.4  After some discussion of the proposed outdoor pizza oven, it was suggested that an outdoor barbecue area might prove more popular. It was also suggested that an outdoor barbecue area might be better placed outside the community garden to protect the plants and to make it easier for people to access it. FR suggested whether a gas-fired outdoor barbecue might be feasible.

5.5  FR asked whether bee hives could be included in the community garden. RM agreed to relay this back to AM.

5.6  JW asked for clarification on whether the new cafe building would be a container or purpose-built structure. RM and MC confirmed that a decision had been taken at a previous meeting to develop a purpose-built structure.

5.7  JW asked whether any consideration had been given to developing the children’s play area as a space for children with disabilities. RM said plans to develop the play area were being dealt with separately.

5.8  RM agreed to relay all the issues raised to AM for consideration.

6      RM thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting at 20:31.

Freya Rodger

14 September 2013


2 comments on “Friends of Mountsfield Park AGM 2013 Minutes

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  2. Peter Ranken says:

    What brilliant news that the Mizen Family have agreed to run the Cafe at Mountsfield Park and that the Community Garden is under way and there has been a start to cutting the trees down around the Bowling Green. Good luck to all concerned.


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