Friends of Mountsfield Park Release Community Garden Design for Discussion

Mountsfield Community Garden design for discussion. Design by Lewisham Gardens for discussion.

Initial Mountsfield Park Community Garden design for discussion. Design by Lewisham Gardens.

Friends of Mountsfield Park release community garden design for discussion!

Partitions – The land sectioned off into 6,  8 or 12 individual gardens managed and maintained by the gardening group rather than spaces allocated to individuals.

Structure – Each garden can be partitioned from its neighbour by formal clipped evergreen hedging, seating areas and formal wide walkways with pergolas covered with vines and climbers.  It means in winter and spring there will be things of interest to see.

Raised beds –  Within each garden- a series of small and large raised beds made with new oak railway sleepers. People and groups can plant, tend & harvest.

Outside kitchen area with seating– Permanent BBQ and stone oven.  Makes the space very usable for other groups- we could rent the space out to scouts or parents groups or parties. A community meeting place.

Compost bays – greenhouses/ poly tunnels.

Fruit tree cordons – edible hedgerows, step over apples.

Terraces – The garden arranged around a large central terrace. Lots of benches and seating. This can be a great performance space.

Seating areas – There would be seating areas & arbours  throughout the space. Including a large area near the outdoor kitchen with large tables for use as an outdoor classroom or workshop space. Again, another potential revenue stream.

Community garden buildings – Existing container buildings for storage, toilets to be rebuilt.

Access – Community garden to be fully accessible to the public during normal park opening hours, but will remain a dog free.

Link to Close-Up Plan and Concept Images of Proposed Mountsfield Community for Discussion. Please feel free to comment on our proposals in this blog, on our facebook page or the next FOMP meeting!

Mountsfield community garden plan for discussion

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