Friends of Mountsfield Park Meeting – Sammy T’s Park Cafe Saturday 21 June from 10am

Dear All Friends and Users of our beloved Mountsfield

Updating you..

1) jobs – if you’re available for helping out with jobs in the coming couple of months, writing, blogging, pestering, postering, fund raising, planting, designing treasure hunts, any of these, please come to Sammy T’s on Saturday morning 21st June from 10am, to register interest and put yourself forward to take on a job to do in the run up to works beginning on improving the park.

2) new sign boards for the park – am still waiting to hear back about prices and from there hope to achieve some funding to have poster boards, covered, lockable boards at each of the entrances to the park. These boards could advertise anything park related and in particular would inform locals about changes happening in the park over the next year.
After works are finished they would help promote happenings in the park to boost the community gardens and the cafe. They’d work to brighten up the park entrances and draw people into a more happening space. Sandra Plummer is kindly helping with the creation of a template by BDP and Lewisham Communications Dept, one that will inform about upcoming building work/ destruction and disruption and allow Friends of Mountsfield to add too as and when able.

3) I am also to follow up on the repositioning of the old board that fell last year. My thinking was to move it closer to the cafe, to help make it a central focal point. Ideas, opinion welcome.

4) we will be putting in an application to Lewisham Gardens to be considered as recipients of donated nursery plants following RHS Hampton Court in July, anyone with suggestions for planting you might like to see and where would hopefully assist attaining some lovely and rather valuable plants. One thought is to request help from Glendale in digging up the Phormiums in the circular beds in front of the cafe and getting some full sun herbaceousness in there. Thoughts please? Also to discuss, anyone have a view on having the railing come out from around that bed also to be in keeping with the softening/naturalising of the place that is part of plans with new cafe, playground upgrade etc. the bed would of course need to be pretty full to avoid damaging toddler trampling, maybe we plant it up and allow to mature and fill for a couple of years before removing railing? Another idea is to apply for plants to mix in with the rose beds in the formal garden, softening that and helping it with year round colour.

5) and finally… Please let us know if you’d like to get involved helping on the Friends of Mountsfield Park People’s Day (Sat 12th July) plant stall and indeed if you have propagated any surplus plants you could donate to the stall. Raised funds will go towards the park and specifically the nurturing of the new community gardens.

Whilst time is very limited in these hectic lives please let’s make every bit of it count but keeping ideas and feedback succinct and proactive. Mountsfield park is great and certain great people have worked tirelessly before now to secure funding to help it be greater, let us work now to see that through.

On behalf of FoMP,

Carrie Blackman and Rory McNally


One comment on “Friends of Mountsfield Park Meeting – Sammy T’s Park Cafe Saturday 21 June from 10am

  1. Please come on Saturday at 10am, Friends of Mountsfield meeting at Sammy T’s, join FoMP, put your names forward for tiny jobs or bigger involvement and Mr Danny Mizen has kindly offered up coffee and cake for £3, it’d be rude not to.. If too early to have cake all to yourself, bring someone you love.


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