Meeting to Discuss Future of Proposed Mountsfield Park Improvements – There’s Not Enough Money and the Council are Having to Make Difficult Decisions

Mountsfield Friends MeetingPlease come to meet with Lewisham Council to discuss the future of the 2014 Mountsfield Park improvements. Lewisham Council says there’s not enough money to pay for all of the agreed improvements, which includes the improved play area, 90 sq/m cafe building and new community garden. The Council have invited Friends of Mountsfield Park to meet with them to work out a way forward at an open meeting, Civic Suite Catford SE6 4RU, Wed 9 July 2014 at 6.30pm . All Welcome – please come! More information from the Project Manager Sandra Plummer email:


2 comments on “Meeting to Discuss Future of Proposed Mountsfield Park Improvements – There’s Not Enough Money and the Council are Having to Make Difficult Decisions

  1. It’s a huge disappointment having been to so many meetings with the Council and finally agreeing the improvements and then being told that the designs that they had professionally costed now cost too much for our park and we have to choose between an improved children’s play area and a new cafe building. The overall budget is £525,000, although some of that will already have been spent on tree clearance, surveys, design and procurement fees. The Council is still negotiating with the contractors on prices and options, so the relative real costs of each of the elements aren’t available to us yet, because of Council procurement rules. In the meantime we have suggested some ways that they could reduce the overall budget and build all three elements this year as planned: The improved play area, new cafe building and community garden. The plans can be found at: Not sure about the cost of the recent Manor House Gardens improvements. Manor House Gardens have the advantage of having a good quality play area installed when the park was refurbished about 13 years ago with Lottery money and Council match funding. The larger Mountsfield Park play area was installed at about the same time and now in need of major refurbishment.


    • Paul Simpson says:

      This is a huge disappointment and I am a little confused why we have been told the council have a budget and now they say it is not sufficient. However local council budgets are tight and £525k is a decent chunk of change that should still transform some of the park. I have a 17 month old son and we visit the play area every week without fail, it is clearly a little run down and worse for wear and really needs updating and improving, I would make this a priority. I think the café should be the second priority, it is great having Sammy T’s in the park and the team do a great job with limited resources and kitchen space. When you look at the café in Hilly Fields in Brockley or the one in Manor Park they clearly enhance the community feel of the park. However there are many innovative ways to build low cost, sustainable structures these days. I have always wanted to turn the old bowling green into a community gardens, I have worked on similar projects in New Zealand and they tended to be run on very little funds and lots of hard voluntary labour. Surely a community garden can be created cheaply, the land is there and relatively clear, all it really needs to get going is a volunteer supervisor, or team of them and some wood to build raised beds and buy plants. I think what is needed here is some creativity about how the money is spent, then we should get the improvements in our park that we wall want. Sadly I cant make the meeting on the 9th as I will be away.


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