Mountsfield Park – report problems using Love Lewisham mobile phone app say the Council

Lewisham Council suggest using one of the following mobile phone apps to report problems at Mountsfield Park and any other public space in the borough. Eg litter, bins overflowing, toilet unusable, uneven paths, dog litter, entrance gates left open…

MP Heidi Alexander explains how to use the apps in this youtube video. When submitting a report using one of these apps, there is a ‘Category’  ‘Parks – Damage/Maintenance’.

Click on one of the links below to download either Love Clean Streets, Love Lewisham or Love Clean London:

Love Clean Streeets App




Love Lewisham App





Love London clean streets app







The Council are proposing to reduce the Lewisham parks and green spaces budget by a third up to 2018. Its going to be difficult for the Council to maintain the standards that we expect. They want to know when the park isn’t being properly maintained.

3 comments on “Mountsfield Park – report problems using Love Lewisham mobile phone app say the Council

  1. M JOHN says: Hi Rory, Brockwell Greenhouses, very informative including info about free topsoil, they mentioned the London Waste Authority but can’t get the link right; the above is quite interesting. Rivke


    • Yes we should follow that up! Will check with BDP and find our whether they will be providing the topsoil for the raised beds.
      The cup of sugar per 9 litres water for bare root trees sounds interesting also.


  2. Carrie Blackman says:

    Yes meeting this Sat, 18th Nov, 10am at the park cafe, Hadj to attend too and any of us who are able.

    I could ring you Rivke with agenda thoughts? As a start, we need to discuss Xmas carols, The meeting Rory has arranged with John Thompson of Greenscene for 6th Dec, applying pressure on park keeper/ ASB issues/ gate locking etc. Hadj’s idea to hold an open Mic session in the spring. Dates of Lewisham Life Mag going to print so we can get some adverts in there for evens like Teddy Picnic AOB was just spellchecked to SOB on my phone – fitting?! ?.. SOB anyone?


    Get Outlook for Android



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