Friends of Mountsfield Park public meeting Tuesday 7 July 7.00 – 8.30pm


The heat is on!
Summer in Mountsfield Park
Lots of you will have been enjoying the summer sun in Mountsfield Park. When the weather is like this, the playground and the rolling fields really come into their own! We are delighted that so many of you are continuing to stay involved with the Friends of Mountsfield Park, and to offer your support to make the Park even more amazing in the future.

So, we are hoping for a good turnout at the public meeting on Tuesday 7 July from 7:00-8:30pm at Hither Green Baptist Church. This is your chance to speak to us, as well as to representatives from Glendale and the Council – including Cllr Onikosi who leads on public spaces in the Mayor’s Cabinet. We’d like to hear your views on:

– the future of the cafe – how can we work with the council to ensure that Mountsfield Park gets the cafe it deserves?
– security in the park – how can this be maintained and improved, especially given the recent cuts to park keeper service?
– protecting funding for the park in the future – what will the impact be of the planned cuts to local government funding?
– forthcoming events – including the annual FOMP summer picnic and People’s Day!

We are also looking for volunteers to help us think about the best way to make use of the BBQ and pizza oven in the community garden. We are keen to ensure that these can be enjoyed by everybody, but need to think about how to make sure use is safe and sociable, as well as the need to protect the rapidly developing garden. This is your chance to shape the way the Park is used. If you’d like to be involved, please let us know (by email or at the public meeting).

Or you can come and find us on People’s Day in on 11 July where we hope to unveil the first ever FOMP mug – a must have kitchen item for all Mountsfield Park aficionados!

Finally, a save the date. The second annual FOMP summer picnic will be held on Saturday 5 September. More details will follow soon, but for now block the date out in your diary – you won’t want to miss it!

We hope to see as many of you as possible at the public meeting on Tuesday 7 July. As ever, thanks for your support, kindness, and determination to make Mountsfield Park a place the whole community can enjoy.

Rory, Maria, Carrie, Ros, Rivke, Max, and Gareth
FOMP Executive


One comment on “Friends of Mountsfield Park public meeting Tuesday 7 July 7.00 – 8.30pm

  1. If you can’t make the open meeting, please let us know if there are any issues that you would like us to raise on your behalf. Email us at


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