Public meeting – we want a cafe!


Thank you to everybody who came to the public meeting and gave views to the Council

FOMP held a public meeting last Tuesday, and we are grateful to everybody who came along to support our Park.  We are particularly grateful to Cllr Onikosi, Martin Hyde (from the Council), and Angus Fraser (from Glendale) for giving their time so freely.

Lots of things were discussed, but top of the list was the ongoing demand for a new cafe.  The Council have confirmed that £50k is still available, and have agreed to run an expressions of interest exercise over the summer to persuade potential cafe operators to get involved in Mountsfield Park.

And you have a role to play!  By the end of July, FOMP are committed to sending the Council our ideas for the cafe.  We want an open process – focusing on essentials to give operators the maximum flexibility and creativity to create something.  We will shortly be circulating something and would love your thoughts and comments.

And then, in September, we have agreed to host an open day to show potential operators how wonderful the Park is, and why they should consider getting involvement.  We will send you more details over the summer because that open day will only work with your support.

The full minutes from the meeting are available here:

FOMP PUBLIC Meeting 7 July 2015 MINUTES_1.pdf

Thank you for your continuing engagement and enthusiasm.

Rory, Maria, Carrie, Ros, Rivke, Max, and Gareth
FOMP Executive



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