‘Was that an EAGLE flying over Mountsfield Park?’ – FOMP Summer Picnic 2015

We might not have had the best weather for the FOMP summer picnic, but that didn’t stop us! And didn’t we have a great time?

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the day, whether by donating a cake, gifting a bag of clothes to refugees at our drop off point, buying a FABULOUS Mountsfield Park mug, sampling one (or more than one) bottles of cider, or introducing yourself to a barn owl. We would like to thank Sammy T’s for running the last BBQ of the summer, and our friends at Eagle Heights for providing the astonishing birds of prey display in the Community Garden. At least one unsuspecting park user looked pretty surprised when the bald eagle decided to fly off low over the main park!

We have been particularly humbled by your generosity to the refugees in Calais and in the Mediterranean. Through sales of cakes, drinks, and FOMP mugs, we were able to make a profit of £434.04, all of which will be donated to Save the Children. We are delighted that Sammy T’s have kindly added another £100, so that we will be sending £534.04 in total!

And, as if that wasn’t enough, our poly-tunnel was filled to bursting with donated bags of clothes, food, sleeping bags, tents and much needed supplies. Four car loads of your donations were delivered to Martha O’Toole in Catford who is doing so much to co-ordinate donations in the area for the ‘Help Calais’ campaign.

This generosity is totally inspiring and represents everything that we have come to expect from this community. Together we have shown that we can have a great time, make excellent use of our park, and help others. You are all superstars and we are proud to be your neighbours!

Other news

The Council will soon be launching an expressions of interest process to find potential partners for a new and improved cafe in the park. We will share more information when we have it. In the meantime, if you, or anybody you know, might be interest, please do get in touch.

The FOMP Annual General Meeting is due to take place in October. Once we have secured a venue, we will send around further information. Again, if you are interested in getting more involved and want more information, let us know.

Rory, Maria, Carrie, Ros, Rivke, Max, and Gareth
FOMP Executive



Help Calais donations


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