Nature’s Gym at Mountsfield Park 5th and 19th November 2015

Lewisham Natures Gym

5th and 19th November 2015
11am-2pm Nature’s Gym
Mountsfield Park


Nature’s Gym programme:

“A new site for most of us! We will be working in the nature area, uncovering some interesting delights! Meet at the Ringstead Road entrance.

1. Train: Hither Green, Catford/Catford Bridge
2. Bus: Buses serving Catford 181/225 – Hither Green Lane
3. Limited parking in the area Judith Simmons


Tel: 020 8318 3986”

• Before attending your first Nature’s Gym session please fill out a registration form so that we are aware of any medical issues that may prevent you from carrying out certain tasks and so we have your next of kin details. If you have not done so already, please contact Judith or Jess who will be happy to send you one.
• Sessions run between 11am-2pm with a mid-session tea break, we provide tea/coffee so please bring snack/lunch if required.
• Unless otherwise stated please contact Jess Kyle or Judith Simmons before a project to let them know that you are coming. This is especially important if this is your first time with us or you have not been for a while, we wouldn’t want you turning up to the wrong place looking for us!
• Our meeting points at sites can vary, so please make sure that you check the details carefully, we don’t want to loose you!
• While we try to find a variety of tasks for the sessions, this isn’t always possible and some tasks may not be suitable for everyone. Therefore, please check the task for the day to assess its suitability for you. If in doubt, please call and we would be happy to discuss this further.
• Please be at the meeting point on time because often the work destination can be up to a 10-15 minute walk from where we meet – we wouldn’t want you wondering around for ages looking for us – it can happen!
• If you have any questions please feel free to contact Judith or Jess who are happy to help.
Please note that sessions are subject to change. If in doubt please call the named organiser who will be able to confirm the details.


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