FoMP Bid at Rushey Green Assembly 7pm Wednesday 26 October 2016, Irish Centre, Davenport Road

Lewisham Council Mountsfileld Park play area clientPrint

Please support the Friends of Mountsfield Park bid at Rushey Green Assembly for wheelchair accessible picnic benches and gates at our community garden at the at Rushey Green Assembly, 7pm Wednesday 26 October 2016, Irish Centre, Davenport Road.

Friends of Mountsfield Park want to make the
community garden gates easier to open by everyone including people
in wheelchairs. We would also like to install a large sturdy accessible
circular picnic table to seat at least 8 people and modify the existing
picnic benches, which will improve accessibility for everyone including
people that are infirm and wheelchair users. Mountsfield Park
community garden should be accessible and welcoming for everyone.
The community garden is publicly accessible Council land managed
under lease by Friends of Mountsfield Park volunteers. The site is flat and
generally without incline and is surrounded by a gated timber post and
rail fence.

People visit the community garden to enjoy the ornamental flowerbeds,
the wildflower meadow, orchard and views of the surrounding parkland.
Visits often involve a chat with one of the volunteers. The community
garden is very popular with able-bodied people who can open the gates
and use the existing picnic benches. However, the existing gate latches are
heavy and difficult to operate, especially for people with arthritic fingers
and the picnic benches are not suitable for people in wheelchairs.
The project will mainly benefit older people. The local community will
benefit by making the community garden more inclusive and accessible
for visitors and volunteers. We would like the opportunity to make
Mountsfield Park community garden more welcoming, inclusive and
accessible for all ages, providing opportunities for more local people to
enjoy and engage with the community garden at Mountsfield Park.
The community garden volunteers work in the garden generally on a
Sunday morning. There is quite strong social aspect to the volunteering
work that we do. We organise several volunteer days for the local people
to come and become involved with the community garden. People often
turn up during fine weather and sit in the community garden and enjoy
a picnic. More than 1000 people have visited the community garden
since it opened in November 2014. Lots of people would benefit by
making the community garden more accessible.


One comment on “FoMP Bid at Rushey Green Assembly 7pm Wednesday 26 October 2016, Irish Centre, Davenport Road

  1. Rushey Green Assembly awarded us the full amount which is great. Thanks to everyone at the assembly meeting who voted for our proposal to make Mountsfield community garden more accessible.


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