You can leave your real Christmas tree at Mountsfield Park – George Lane entrance – SE6 1AN

You can leave your real Christmas tree at Mountsfield Park – George Lane entrance – SE6 1AN.
Thanks to Lewisham Council and Glendale, the Christmas trees are converted to mulch – perfect for trees in parks and street trees across the Borough!

We use a lot of the recycled Christmas trees to mulch the newly planted avenue trees at Mountsfield Park.


Chipped mulch helps to retain moisture in the soil around the base of each tree during summer, it suppresses weeds, improves soil texture, protects tree roots from extreme temperatures, encourages beneficial soil organisms and sugar from the fresh chippings is good for the trees. (Christmas tree mulch is good, deciduous tree mulch is even better!).

The newly planted Mountsfield avenue trees will grow to a large size, they are suitable for growing in London clay and an exposed aspect. Many of the  avenue tree planting species that we have chosen are better suited to endure areas of heavily compacted soil that we have at Mountsfield Park. This winter 2018/2019, Chris Thompson from Glendale is supplying us with 6 trees to replace the avenue trees that did not survive the summer 2018 drought.

You will find us during the community tree planting events along the main path between the George Lane and Brownhill Road entrances. The main path is the red line on the map of Mountsfield Park above.

The avenue trees are along the main path at Mountsfield Park as shown above. The green symbols represents indicative tree locations.

Each proposed avenue tree at mountsfield park will be supported by at least two tree stakes and protected by a steel weldmesh surround for the first 2 or 3 years after planting.

Lewisham Council and Glendale have kindly agreed to water the trees.

The newly planted trees will:

  • Make Mountsfield Park more beautiful,
  • provide additional habitat for wildlife,
  • make the ground more permeable to reduce the accumulation of surface water ( waterlogging/flooding) during heavy rainfall,
  • absorb carbon, pollutants and dust from the air, from vehicles eg from the South Circular,
  • create shade and reduce wind speeds at the top of the park,
  • tie with local Rushey Green street tree planting,
  • we are replacing trees at Mountsfield Park that have died mainly because of neglect and  large commercial events such as Peoples Day which take their toll due to damage to roots, branches and soil compaction.

Friends of Mountsfield Park were able to plant the trees during 2017/2018, with generous support from the Mayor of London Greener City Fund and Lewisham Rushey Green Ward Assembly funding.

If you would like to help plant and mulch trees at Mountsfield Park – contact us at

One comment on “You can leave your real Christmas tree at Mountsfield Park – George Lane entrance – SE6 1AN

  1. mytrumpetandme says:

    We always take ours to Mountsfield but it’s usually later than most people because my parents keep the tree up until 5th Jan.


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