The Friends of Mountsfield Park (FoMP) want to make Mountsfield Park a better place.


a) To protect & promote Mountsfield Park as a public open green spaces for everyone to enjoy and feel welcome;

b) To improve & enhance the quality of Mountsfield Park in terms of amenity and encouraging more biodiversity;

c) To improve staffing & management at Mountsfield Park and  encourage greater use and appreciation of Mountsfield Park;

d) To ensure involvement of Friends of Mountsfield Park in decisions that affect the park;

e) Campaign to make sure that Mountsfield Park is kept clean and free of antisocial or criminal behaviour.

Contact us if you would like to get involved and become a FOMP member mountsfieldpark@gmail.com

2 comments on “About

  1. Ed Pharo-Tomlin says:

    Wow. Just heard Raphael has been sacked.
    A bad’un according to the new park keeper.
    Really? Seemed a good egg (no pun intended) to me, knew everyone in the park and was always polite and helpful. Is there any reason by Glendale for this – I know they tried to get rid of him a few months back, but failed. Sadly not this time….
    Ed P-T


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