Winter 2016 FOMP Newsletter

The cafe! The trim trail! Christmas! Volunteering opportunities! Fox-proof bins! Accessible picnic benches!

It’s all go at Mountsfield Park.  Read all about it here…




Sammy T’s cafe

The sun is out and we’ve had great news from our friends at the Mizen Foundation.  Sammy T’s is open this weekend so you can have a cup of coffee while you enjoy the park, and the new playground.


Have a great weekend!

Update on the Play Park


Dear Friend,

At last spring is here, and we are all very excited for what that means in Mountsfield Park, especially the community garden which is beginning to show the results of all the hard work volunteers have put in over the winter. Thank you once again for your support, and we hope to see some more of you there on Saturday for coffee and cakes!

Most of you will have seen that the new play area remains fenced off and waterlogged. This is doubly frustrating as the new play equipment is clearly such an improvement on what was there before. We have been in regular contact with the Council to push for the problems of drainage to be resolved as soon as possible, and they assure us they moving forward as fast as they can. Although it is difficult to take, we are keen that the issues are dealt with properly and for the long-term, rather than a rushed approach, but equally we want to make sure that the Council remain focused on the task in hand. We will keep you updated.

We have also been speaking to the Council to scrutinise the spend on the project so far, and understand how the wider plans for Mountsfield Park can be taken forward. The Council have reiterated that the money we fought for to support the development of a new cafe building – £50,000 – remains intact, which is good news. We will be sending around an invitation soon for you to attend a public meeting to discuss current development of the park, what the changes to the park keeper system mean, and what the future holds, and hope that the Council will be able to attend to respond to your questions.

In the meantime, there are plenty of plans afoot for activity, including during the forthcoming Hither Green Festival, so watch this space!

Rory, Max, Gareth, Maria, Carrie, Rivke, and Ros.
FOMP Executive