“…it seems that Nine Acres field was bought from Castenstieck  by Henry Stainton (1774-1851) sometime between 1844 and 1846. Stainton had a house in London but mostly lived at Springfield House on Rushey Green. In his will, dated 12th October 1846, he refers to ‘the house at Hither Green lately erected by me’, which would be Mountsfield House. It has been suggested that the house was built as a wedding present for his eldest son Henry Tibbatts Stainton (1822-1892). HT Stainton married Jane Isabel Dunn (1819-1898) in Sheffield on 28th May 1846 and they are recorded as living in Mountsfield House from 1847 onwards. Stainton junior was one of the most distinguished entomologists of the 19th century and one of Hither Green’s most famous citizens.”

Read more ~ download the Museum of London’s History of Mountsfield Park commissioned by Land Use Consultants on behalf of LB of Lewisham for a Heritage Lottery Fund bid.


JULY 29, 1937

Music Notes

In the London Parks

THE L.C.C. are not only concerned with refuse-collection, sanitary inspection and welfare clinics. They have their human and æsthetic side and the music and entertainment they provide in the London parks deserve a music critic’s notice as much as many a pompous orgy in the Albert Hall. Sixty bands are engaged and play in different parks throughout the summer. Nearly every park has a band on Sunday evenings, from 7 to 9″…”on Thursdays there is music from Kilburn Grange in the north to Mountsfield Park, Lewisham, in the south” ref: http://www.londongardenstrust.org/index.htm?features/music.htm

Catford Southend and Charlton Athletic at The Mount, Mountsfield Park

Croydon Common vs Catford Southend

Catford Southend F.C. Team 1904-5

The Mount Charlton Athletic (1)

The Mount – Charlton Athletic (2)


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