Rhys Moore-Campbell (age 13) missing since approximately 2.30pm September 29 after he left home to go to Mountsfield Park

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Catford Bridge Butterflies inspired by Victorian entomolgist Henry Stainton Who Lived at Mountsfield

Catford Community Town Centre Consultation Events Planned

Major community engagement with Catford residents launched. With the town centre on the brink of big and exciting change, Team Catford, a small group of passionate Catford residents, is about to launch a major community engagement on behalf of Lewisham Council. Continue reading

Catford Southend – The Non-League Club that nearly took over Charlton Athletic – Part 2

Running Past

In the first post on Catford Southend they were left at the outbreak of World War 1 as ‘a solid non-League team with a relatively new ground in early 20th century suburbia, in a similar position to many non-League teams that are still around almost 100 years later.’

Their story is picked up after hostilities ceased and football resumed in 1919, like a lot of sport, the Athenian League that The Kittens had played in before the war had been mothballed during the bloodshed of World War 1.  By the time the Athenian League was reformed for the 1919/20 season, Catford Southend had moved on – newcomers to the league that season were to include local non league stalwarts Kingstonian, Bromley and Wimbledon.

Catford returned to the London League after the War, it had been their ‘home’ for much of their existence.  On the field, the 1919/20 season was a struggle…

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