FixMyStreet at Mountsfield Park

Anything that doesn’t look right at Mountsfield Park e.g. litter, dog poo, can be reported to the Lewisham Council via the @FixMyStreet mobile phone app. Reports from FixMyStreet go to Lewisham Council via @LoveLewisham, so that they can be fixed. The app can be downloaded at:



Thanks to everyone who used the FixMyStreet mobile phone app at Mountsfield Park during 2016







The FixMyStreet reports are sent to Lewisham Council and then Glendale deal with the litter, fly-tipping, broken playground equipment, dog mess etc. Please continue to use the FixMyStreet phone app to keep Mountsfield Park in good condition.
The FixMyStreet phone app works in Lewisham and across the UK.

Download the FixMyStreet mobile phone app and report litter and other problems at Mountsfield Park
Download and use the FixMyStreet mobile phone app (Android / Apple)

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