@GlendaleLew @LewishamCouncil please repair our broken @TimberplayLimited children’s play equipment at Mountsfield Park SE6

We have asked for repairs to the children’s play equipment, unfortunately broken Timberplay play equipment at Mountsfield Park is being removed by Glendale and the Council, but not replaced.

@glendaleLew @glendaleUK @LewishamCouncil please repair fitness equipment at Mountsfield Park SE6 and replace missing play equipment

FixMyStreet at Mountsfield Park

Anything that doesn’t look right at Mountsfield Park e.g. litter, dog poo, can be reported to the Lewisham Council via the @FixMyStreet mobile phone app. Reports from FixMyStreet go to Lewisham Council via @LoveLewisham, so that they can be fixed. The app can be downloaded at:




Avenue tree planting at Mountsfield Park from 11am – 1pm approx, Sunday 8th and 15th April 2018

Please join us and plant avenue trees next to the main path at Mountsfield Park between the George Lane and Brownhill Road entrances – All welcome!

The additional community tree planting events will be 11am – 1pm approx, Sunday 8th and 15th April 2018.

Please wear boots, gloves and bring a strong spade if you have one.

Glendale have suppled us with a variety of rootballed heavy standard deciduous trees. The trees will grow to a large size and are suitable for growing in London clay and with an exposed aspect. Many of the  avenue tree planting species that we have chosen are better suited to endure areas of heavily compacted soil that we have at Mountsfield Park.

You will find us during the community tree planting events along the main path between the George Lane and Brownhill Road entrances. The main path is the red line on the map of Mountsfield Park above.

You will find us during the community tree planting events along the main path between the George Lane and Brownhill Road entrances. The main path is the red line on the map of Mountsfield Park above. The green symbols represent tree planting locations.

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Dead and Dying Trees in Lewisham’s Parks and Open Spaces

These photos show just some of the many trees at Mountsfield Park and other Lewisham parks that are dead or dying mainly due to strimmer and mower damage by Lewisham Council and their parks and open spaces contractor. Severe soil compaction due to vehicular traffic and drought are also factors contributing to the demise of many of the trees in Lewisham’s parks and open spaces.

  • Mountsfield Park April 2019 - fresh and historic careless strimmer damage
  • Strimmer damage - Mountsfield Park April 2019
  • Historic tree stem strimmer damage at Mountsfield Park
  • Mountsfield Park play area 2017 - recently planted semi-mature birch tree bought with Lewisham Section 106 funds, dead because of strimmer damage causing ring-barking or girdling. Replacement and maintenance cost £350.00 approx
  • Manor House Gardens, Lewisham April 2019 - fresh strimmer damage which could introduce fungal disease within the damaged cambium layer.
  • Recurring strimmer / brush cutter tree stem damage at Mountsfield Park April 2019
  • Strimmer damage - Mountsfield Park April 2019
  • Mountsfield Park April 2019 - Historic flowering cherry root damage due to mower blades set too low. Flowering cherries are susceptible to disease and should be protected from injury.
  • Strimmer damage to base of dying Tilia tomentosa art Mountsfield Park July 2019
  • Hilly Fields, Lewisham April 2019 no grass mowing or strimming allowed near to tree stem to avoid damage to surface roots and bark. By agreement with Friends of Hilly Fields, Lewisham parks officers and the parks and open spaces contractor, Glendale.
  • Mountsfield Park nature reserve 2017 - Felled Indian bean tree. This tree like many other trees that have died at Mountsfield Park have not been replaced with newly planted trees.
  • Strimmer damage on newly planted tree Beckenham Place Park Feb 2019
  • Historic strimmer damage allowing fungal infection at base of ash tree at Mountsfield Park 2018
  • Dead tree at Mountsfield Park 2017. Died prematurely due to mower and strimmer damage 2017
  • Mower damage to a hornbeam at Mountsfield Park 2018
  • Hilly Fields, Lewisham April 2019 - historic strimmer damage which will shorten the lifespan of this mature tree.
  • Strimmer damage Mountsfield Park Play area 2018
  • Recently planted semi mature maple at Mountsfield Park play area - dying because of strimmer damage which is causing ring-barking or girdling 2017
  • Dead avenue tree at Mountsfield Park near the Brownhill Road entrance. Died prematurely due to historic mower and strimmer damage.
  • Tree stump near Mountsfield Park community garden - premature death due to mower damage 2017. Contractor mower blades set much too low within proximity to tree stem, causing injury to surface roots and entry for harmful fungal infection.
  • Mountsfield Park April 2019 - historic strimmer damage

The Lewisham Council parks and open space managers instruct the landscape contractor to keep grass short right up to the base of each tree for a tidy appearance and because it is part of the current Lewisham contract specification. Unfortunately the Lewisham parks and open spaces contractor does not have sufficient capacity or resources to achieve a short grass sward next to trees without harming them. The strimmer and mower damage shown below will cause a tree to die quickly or slowly through introduction of disease via cuts and wounds.

Lewisham Council encourages external funding sought by volunteers for new and replacement tree planting eg from London tree and woodland awards, to make London greener, biodiverse, healthier, cleaner, more welcoming and more resilient. The future of existing and newly planted trees in Lewisham’s Parks and open spaces is uncertain if Lewisham Council continues to insist on short neatly cut grass up to the base of each parkland tree. At Hilly Fields park, Lewisham Council has recently experimented with mower and strimmer prohibition near to trees, which has effectively reduced further tree damage there. This approach should be applied by Lewisham’s green space officers and parks staff across the borough to protect trees, unless the Council is willing to invest in a more controlled, better resourced and skilled maintenance of our parks and open spaces.

References: 1. Arboriculture Research Note 1992. Issued by the Arboricultural Advisory & Information Service. Blight to trees caused by vegetation control machinery. D Patch, A Denyer. 2. Arboricultural Journal 2018 vol 40. Effects of strimmer damage to young ash trees. Sally A Shuck and Duncan Slater. 3. Tree Wounds – Invitations to Wood Decay Fungi 2018. Nicole Ward Gauthier, William E. Fountain, Traci Missun. University of Kentucky.

New Trim Trail at Mountsfield Park, Catford SE6


Thanks to @GlendaleLew, the London Marathon Charitable  Trust, Lewisham Rushey Green Assembly and @FenlandLeisureP for our new trim trail at Mountsfield Park, Catford.




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Thanks to everyone who used the FixMyStreet mobile phone app at Mountsfield Park during 2016







The FixMyStreet reports are sent to Lewisham Council and then Glendale deal with the litter, fly-tipping, broken playground equipment, dog mess etc. Please continue to use the FixMyStreet phone app to keep Mountsfield Park in good condition.
The FixMyStreet phone app works in Lewisham and across the UK.

Download the FixMyStreet mobile phone app and report litter and other problems at Mountsfield Park
Download and use the FixMyStreet mobile phone app (Android / Apple)

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