FixMyStreet at Mountsfield Park

Anything that doesn’t look right at Mountsfield Park e.g. litter, dog poo, can be reported to the Lewisham Council via the @FixMyStreet mobile phone app. Reports from FixMyStreet go to Lewisham Council via @LoveLewisham, so that they can be fixed. The app can be downloaded at:




@LewishamCouncil @GlendaleLew @GlendaleUK when will we have our dead and dying trees replaced at Mountsfield Park SE6?

@LewishamCouncil @GlendaleLew @GlendaleUK when will our dead and dying trees be replaced at Mountsfield Park? These photos show just some of the many trees at Mountsfield Park that are dead or dying mainly because of strimmer and mower damage by Glendale and Lewisham Council staff. You recently replaced two strimmer damaged trees in the recently refurbished play area. We really need many more trees planted to replace those that have been lost during the 17 years of the 20 year Glendale Lewisham Council parks contract. eg the avenue trees and other important trees in the park. These photos below show just 15 of the many dead or dying trees at Mountsfield Park that haven’t been replaced by tree planting at similar locations. The dead trees should be replaced by larger sized protected staked trees rather than saplings or whips.

Newly planted tree at Mountsfield Park play area - dead because of strimmer damage

Recently planted tree at Mountsfield Park play area – dead because of strimmer damage causing ring-barking  or girdling

Felled Indian bean tree at Mountsfield Park at the nature reserve

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Thanks to everyone who used the FixMyStreet mobile phone app at Mountsfield Park during 2016







The FixMyStreet reports are sent to Lewisham Council and then Glendale deal with the litter, fly-tipping, broken playground equipment, dog mess etc. Please continue to use the FixMyStreet phone app to keep Mountsfield Park in good condition.
The FixMyStreet phone app works in Lewisham and across the UK.

Download the FixMyStreet mobile phone app and report litter and other problems at Mountsfield Park
Download and use the FixMyStreet mobile phone app (Android / Apple)

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Urgent petition from Lewisham Parks Forum to the Lewisham Mayor, Cabinet and Councillors

To the Mayor, Sir Steve Bullock, the Cabinet and Councillors of the London Borough of Lewisham
9th February 2015

Dear Sir Steve and Councillors,

This letter is an urgent petition to you from the Lewisham Parks Forum, which was set up in January 2014 to represent all the Friends and User Groups so far established in Lewisham’s 46 parks and other green spaces.  Our existence was well-known from the start to Lewisham’s Parks Regeneration and Green Scene officers  –  and to the Council parks contractor, Glendale  –  yet it was not until we were invited to a meeting on 25 October 2014 that we were consulted by the Council on the drastic cuts in parks expenditure, which have put our members into a state of crisis.

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