Winter 2016 FOMP Newsletter

The cafe! The trim trail! Christmas! Volunteering opportunities! Fox-proof bins! Accessible picnic benches!

It’s all go at Mountsfield Park.  Read all about it here…




Mountsfield Park BDP Meeting Notes, Budget Breakdown – BDP Consultation Boards for Discussion and Comment

Click here to download the Mountsfield Park BDP Consultation Boards

Mountsfield Park – BDP consultation boards for discussion and comment

Mountsfield Park BDP Meeting Notes -BDP Consultation Boards-13-Nov-2013

London Borough of Lewisham and BDP introduced their current phase of consultation to improve Mountsfield Park last Wednesday at Hither Green Baptist Church.

Friends of Mountsfield Park (FOMP) Meeting Notes 13th November 2013

Venue: Hither Green Baptist Church, Radford Road

Lewisham Council meeting to discuss proposed  community garden with the Council’s designers BDP (Building Design Partnership)

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