Mountsfield Park Water Logging, Sports Pitches, Events and Natural Drainage

Mountsfield Park sports pitch waterlogged and with accumulated surface water February 2020

Mountsfield Park sports pitch waterlogged and with accumulated surface water from rainfall (February 2020)

Much of Mountsfield Park has been waterlogged again this winter 2019/2020 which seems to be a frequent annual occurrence. The Stainton Road football pitches have been out of use for months due to the wet ground conditions, which is not great for Dynamo Youth Football Club and other football clubs that come and use the ground. This has been highlighted in the Lewisham Council Playing Pitch Strategy Document and Action Plan which describes the football pitches as “Used by Dynamo Youth heavily and the site currently has poor drainage and significant water logging leading to game cancellations… Poor ancillary facilities on site with subpar toilets and changing rooms.” Unfortunately the document does not highlight the reasons for the poor condition of the pitches and that the football pitches have not been properly maintained during the last 20 years and are used as a car park for the Lewisham People’s Day, which causes soil compaction and in turn makes the existing underground herringbone drainage system ineffective. The soil is clay which needs regular maintenance so that it is to remain permeable for the herringbone drainage to work in winter. The current use of the Mountsfield football pitches is uncontrolled, there are no parks managers or supervisors routinely working at the weekend controlling the use of the football pitches, which makes the situation worse. Routine year round maintenance (eg slit tine aeration), stopping vehicles from accessing the football pitches and controlled use at the weekend would improve the situation for Dynamo Youth and other football teams that use the facility. One of the key actions in the report is to “Support the club in their aspirations to knock down and rebuild a new ancillary facility on site that will include changing rooms and amenities such as a Café.” Not sure if this is an error in the report as there is no existing onsite facility unless the suggestion is to rebuild Stainton Lodge as a sports facility with changing rooms?

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