Winning Mountsfield Park Cafe Design Images

Winning Mountsfield Park cafe design, appearance and size of the cafe building may change during the planning application process. Due to be open for business spring 2017




Bulb planting at Mountsfield Park Sunday 13 December 2015 9.30am – midday

Mountsfield #thebigdig

We need your help planting hundreds of spring bulbs at Mountsfield Park bandstand . We will make a start Sunday 13 December 9.30am until midday at Mountsfield Park bandstand SE6 1AN.

Metropolitan Public Gardens Association in association with Taylors Bulbs of Holbeach have been very generous and donated approximately 80kg of spring bulbs for Mountsfield Park.

Contact for more information.

If you have ever wondered which of Mountsfield Park’s trees is the Kentucky coffeetree?

If you have ever wondered which of Mountsfield Park’s trees is the Kentucky coffeetree – easy to recognise it now. It’s the big tree near the George Lane tennis court that has just lost a big branch. The branch came either side of a park bench.

mountsfield Kentucky coffeetree

Mountsfield Park – Change to Park Keeper Service

It’s Jon Hooker’s last day tomorrow, Mon 30th March, as our park keeper. We haven’t been offered a full time replacement but have been offered the Manor House Gardens park keeper 2 days per week on Monday and Friday.

Glendale/ Lewisham Proposed Mountsfield Park park keeper rota 2015

Glendale/ Lewisham Proposed Mountsfield Park and Manor House Garden  park keeper rota from the beginning of April 2015

We think that we definitely need a full time park keeper at Mountsfield Park for all sorts of reasons, but would like to hear from park users what they think?

Come along to the Rushey Green Assembly and support our bid for a new Mountsfield Park notice board, Saturday 6th Dec 2014, Rooms 1 & 2 – Civic Suite, Catford, Followed by Catford Christmas Extravaganza.

2000px-Lb_lewisham_logo.svgcopyCome along to the Rushey Green Assembly and support our bid for a new Mountsfield Park notice board, Saturday 2.30pm,  6th Dec 2014, Rooms 1 & 2 – Civic Suite, Catford. Followed by ‘Catford Christmas Extravaganza’.

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I can smell it from here! The last BBQ of the Summer

IT’s TODAY!!!!!


Lewisham, Catford,

Hither Green, Rushey Green,

Please come along from 12.

Have children bounce on a castle,

Dribble hot-dog onions on your blanket,

Soak in the views from Mountsfield Park

…..What heaven!


Please join us and enjoy an Everyone Togetherly afternoon. 


ps. bring cash, wipes and wine… little reminders!


And… it’s not that the rhyming isn’t there it’s that you’re being treated to some real sophisticated stuff