Tree Planting at Mountsfield Park 10.30am Sunday 20th November 2016

Beautiful_day.JPGPlease come and help us plant Woodland Trust and ‘OVO / TCV I Dig‘ trees  at Mountsfield  Park – from 10.30am, Sunday 20th November 2016. Meet at Mountsfield Park community garden.

Many thanks to Woodland Trust from Friends of Mountsfield Park for donating UK native trees to be planted at Mountsfield Park.
They will:

  • make Mountsfield Park more beautiful,
  • provide excellent additional native species habitat for wildlife,
  • make the park greener around the edges, so that visitors to the park are less aware of the buildings and roads that surround the park,
  • make the ground more permeable to reduce the accumulation of surface water during heavy rainfall,
  • absorb carbon, some pollutants and dust from the air,
  • establishing new native tree planting to mitigate ash die-back disease.

Please email for more information.